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I love this, and it is something I think we are losing out on. I've been thinking a lot about how technology separates us from our surroundings, including the people we are near. Whenever I feel awkward around a stranger, whether in an elevator, or waiting in line, I grab my iPhone and check my email. It isn't necessary for me to check it, sometimes I just hold my phone in my hands to look busy. Part of this is my self-consciousness and shyness, but I see everyone else doing it too, and it makes me sad. We have lost something about being in a community, being in a group, standing near a stranger. We have lost a sense of camaraderie. I'm trying to keep my phone in my bag, brave the silence and awkwardness, and say hello to strangers.

I love this quote so much! This is something I am definitely learning.

This is such a good way to hang necklaces! I think I could make my own by attaching some cute fabric to a piece of cork board. Excited to make it! Since I have the fabric already, I think I could make it for under ten dollars. Love inexpensive DIYs!

Oh my lord, this is so how I feel! I have become such a hide-a-bug the last year. My world has shrunk so small. I think I am starting to find my way out and realizing I have something to say. That's scary, but hiding is scary too. Either choice is hard and sort of shitty. But if I say something it might give me  something worthwhile.

how to
This is going to happen very soon! Love the illustrations with it! I have the perfect window for it too!

This is so purdy! I want to make one so bad! I am going to start sharing outfit posts (if I ever get the braves) and I would love to wear cute little things like this in the photos.

Love how this cabinet doubles as storage and display. Oh, and white floors, and old oil paintings, and those bowls! Lovely!


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  1. That community idea is a funny one. On one hand, "we" are so eager to leave it behind for the sake of our addiction to technology, but at the same time we are keen to build online communities. People we interact with from the comfort of our couches (or elevators). It's bizarre and fascinating. (I fall somewhere in the middle. I greet strangers - I've been in the customer service industry for eons, it's ingrained now - but I'm not comfortable chatting with them for very long. I love to spend time with "my people," but enough is enough and after a while I crave my time on Bloglovin' and Twitter again.)

    And I love that quote about artists. Mad truth.


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