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Watching: Orange is the New Black-season two Totally binge watching this show. So addicting! 
Reading: Inside of a Dog (Alexandra Horowitz), 11/22/63 (Stephen King), A Writer's Diary (Virginia Woolf), My Life in France (Julia Child). I picked up the book Inside of a Dog on a whim at the Orlando airport. It totally got me hooked on reading again! So yeah...I'm so happy to be a reader (the book is fascinating by the way!).
Listening to: Volcano Choir- Repave, Sibylle Baier- Colour Green, and Birdy...lots of Birdy.
Thinking about: Submitting my first piece of poetry to a magazine or website, and what I want to do with my entire goddamn life. :)
Making: Iced tea, green smoothies, frozen bananas for the pups, and a cake that turned out yuck.
Planning: home, how I can be self-employed, get more tattoos, a couch, a trip to Ikea, and more therapy.
Feeling: Excited. Energetic. Overwhelmed. Up and Down. Scared. Worried. Self-conscious. Okay. Lonely but not. Sometimes safe.
Loving: Ronald, who is freaking awesome. Isabelle, Amelia, and Cricket. Seriously, the best things in my life. Also the plants on our deck, my new blush, and coffee (always).
Looking forward to: Getting our house set up in a way that works best for our little family. Developing my creative life. Getting my first leg tattoos.


  1. I love your "thinking about!" And LEG TATTOO! Yes. YES.

    Awh. Good list, Lovely. I really dig what you're working on and through. You're so thoughtful about all things, it's super inspiring and I really appreciate having that close at hand. :)

  2. OITNB! Heck yes! I only just finished ep 3 of season 2, but I'll finish it eventually. Busy life makes for no time. Plus... Buffy has me hooked hardcore... :)

    Also, the "thinking about" section: "what I want to do with my entire goddamn life." YUP.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I'm looking forward to reading more posts from you!


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