Hi Dollies,

I'm feeling a ton better today. So, so relieved! 

I thought I would share the crazy organizing mission I had in the dining room/crafty area of the house...wish I took before pictures, but I am horrible at remembering to do that! I really like how things turned out, and now that I can find things, I am doing to craft! Hoorah! 

These salt and pepper shakers will always stand for Sylvia Plath for me. Stumbling upon her journals at a library in a cow-town when I was sixteen totally changed my life. It was the first time I learned that my thoughts, both melancholy and happy, were okay and not crazy. This was long before I was diagnosed with depression, and it really led me to getting the help I need. For that reason I will always adore her, and she will always be one of my beloved friends.

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  1. Those salt and pepper shakers even look melancholy-happy like SP.
    The first thing I read by Sylvia Plath was the poem Lesbos. My friend had bought me the book Ariel and told me I would really love her because my writing style reminded her of her. I just opened up a random page and that was the first thing I ever read by her. I remember I thought I had finally found poetry I could relate to and love. I remember thinking that there was someone else out there who thought like me. She's amazing!


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