Cricket waiting patiently by the tree Christmas morning.

Amelia yawning yesterday still recovering from the hustle and bustle (I am too dear).

Christmas cookie making

R putting far too many cinnamon candies on a cookie (smart fella).

Cookie cutters that have been in the family for a long time.

My favorite one.


Cricket waiting for stockings on our messy day bed Christmas morning.

Isabelle trying to get to her stocking.

Every year we make Pillsbury orange rolls for breakfast in the 
aluminum Christmas tree pan my mother-in-law used in her family as a child.


Isabelle with her new toy. Hedgehog with a top hat, how can you go wrong?
She is obsessed with him still so I call him her "blueberry boyfriend". 
Yeah, I name dog toys.

Having fun!


It has been crazy quiet on the blog. I'm still recovering from the holidays. We had a lot of fun. Things were simple which was nice. And I got some really thoughtful gifts. Including some family heirlooms (one is a tea set!), R's baby book, two months of organic produce delivery, a bird painting from R's/my grandma, vintage swan candlesticks I have been admiring for months, and a sweet Mary figurine I am now keeping on my nightstand. R got me some dresses that came in the mail yesterday and all but one fit well. I also got a hummingbird feeder and a bunch of new movies (I will share which ones I got soon).

I've been really tired and not feeling great physically. No matter how much I sleep and nap I don't feel rested. I haven't been able to be very active either. Most of the day I am sitting because I am too tired to do much else and I get a lot of pain when I do even basic stuff. It's pretty discouraging.

I do have a lot of plans for the new year, and I am going to devote a lot more time to the blog. I miss posting regularly and am looking forward to doing more. 

I will share more of my new years plans soon. So keep an eye out!

xx, C

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  1. That sounds really nice. That's funny you got Ronald's baby book, I got Joe's!


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