five simple goals

Hello Dears!

Here are five goals I want to work on through the end of the year. I got the idea from A Beautiful Mess and my sister's blog Betty Lives a Little. The goals need to be about the process and not the result. It was so easy for me to pick these goal as I've been wanting to do these things for a long time.

1. be a bookworm-- I hate to admit it but I haven't finished or really read a book all year! I love reading but have really struggled with slowing down enough to read, so I'm going to pick a book and go for it.

2. creativity every day-- I know being creative is my passion. Whether it's writing, paper crafts, baking, or decorating the house, I know it is what I am meant to do. It's time for me to really embrace this and make things like crazy.

3. stretch-- I need to stretch my sore little body out a few times a week. I know it will really help me in the long run, even if it is hard at first.

4. try new makeup looks-- I have so many different eyeshadows, and lip stains I want to try, and I want to learn how to wear eyeliner (eek!). I want to be braver with my look and not just wear the same basics every day.

5. slow down and enjoy-- I need this so much! I am going to start lighting a candle every morning while I eat breakfast. Candlelight helps me slow down and feel centered. I also want to be present in the things I am doing, so here goes!

If you join in and make some goals let me know!

xx, C

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  1. Good for you! Honestly, that sounds wonderful... like a fantastic life. Simple, pleasant, and intentional.


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