Cricket and life

This pup loves to snuggle with me in my heated blanket. She will seriously lay here for hours sound asleep. When she lays with me I say she is in her 'mommy caccoon'. She is such a lazy bone. I don't know how she gets her long stick legs all curled up when she sleeps, it's like origami.

Things have been rough lately. I'm so tired. More like exhausted, both physically and emotionally. I'm trying to rest but there is a lot on my mind. Plus there is only so much time I can rest before I go stir crazy. I'm at that point now but I am in too much pain to actually do anything. I can hardly use my hands as they are swollen and hurting. I mostly just want to cry. I mostly just want to lay in bed.

I'm working on some ideas for some home projects/renovations. I have them all in a secret board on Pinterest. I will give you a peak when I can.

xx, C

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