Hello loves!

I'm a bit of a sick girl today. Have been so nauseas and tired, I think I have a stomach bug. This morning I went a little crazy and made peanut butter cookies, baked-oatmeal (used this recipe with honeycrisp apples), and chex mix. No idea how I did all of that without adding worcestershire sauce to the cookies and vice-versa...I am such a scatter-brain these days it's not even funny!

Yesterday R and I went on a little date and saw the remake of Carrie. We had watched the original version the night before, so it was fun to see both. We watched two more movies Saturday (a record for us as a of late). We also snuggled the pups a bunch and watched them be their cute goofy selves. 

This week I'm going to try to do some crafting. I haven't made anything in a while and really need to get busy.

How was your weekend?

Love, C

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  1. your back patio looks awesome and I hope you get to your crafting, its hard when you don't have the will but I am sure you will find it. Its hard to craft with the kids but hey you did a whole lot in one day so good job. Hope you are feeling better now. How was the Carrie remake? Maybe will see it this week cause its so hard to get the kids taken care of these days but Alia is a friend from one of Sammy's school friend and we kinda help help each other out so maybe Chris and I can get a date soon.
    love you dear and feel better, Carmen


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