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Hello Sweetness!

Yesterday my sister sent me a note about how she has made a style board on Pinterest. I have a fashion board, but her twist was that her board is full of things she would actually replicate and wear style wise. This was a total light-bulb moment for me. It's such a great and simple idea, and something I never thought of doing.

So I spent that whole morning pinning like mad to my new style board on Pinterest! Here is a sneak peak of some of my favorite looks.

You can see the rest of my board here. If you are on Pinterest leave a comment with a link to your boards. I'd love to follow you!

My goal is to start wearing outfits I actually feel good in. Usually I grab the closest pair of jeans and the first top I see, with whatever shoes are most comfy. I just haven't had the energy to do any more than that. I want to change that though. I find that when I like what I am wearing I actually get a bit of energy, because I feel like I am being myself.

If I'm able to stick to wearing what I want for a while I might get a camera tripod and start taking outfit pictures. Would you guys be interested in that at all?

Anyway, do you have a defined style? Do you wear things you like or stick to what is easy?

Love, C

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  1. I love your style its so hip and trendy yet cute and sassy at the same time. I don't have one! I usually just wear what feels good and its mainly jeans and a t-shirt but I do want to go back to caring how I look and sometimes even wear make up. LOL


I adore your notes! Please don't be shy! :)