And then I got to take a breath

Holy shit, things feel a little (lot?) better. On Monday my doctor put me on a stimulant medication in hopes it would boost me out of this bout of depression. Tuesday night I started thinking about ways to decorate the house, I hand't thought about anything other than how horrible I was feeling and killing myself for well over a week. I woke up this morning feeling like there may be a point to this whole living hubbub. It's such a relief to have a break from my depression. That was one of my worst bouts ever.

Anyway, hopefully things will get a little brighter around here...

Love, C


  1. Yayy Catherine that's amazing!!! so lovely to hear you sounding brighter again :D things are looking up! :) <3

  2. Thank Goodness!!!!! So happy to hear that!!

  3. So happy for you. Thanks for sharing with us. I enjoy reading your blog, as I suffer from the same things too, depression and fibro. Keep on keepin on, I know the struggles of it all. ~Colleen

  4. Just came by to check in (I hate being so busy). This is WONDERFUL to read! So happy for you :)

  5. Yay! Sometimes there are good days!


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