NEWS FLASH! (for reals)

Hi Friends! 

If you haven't heard, google reader is shutting down on Monday. That means the whole reading list  (pictured below) that is on your blogger dashboard will be gone. If you do not move the links to the blogs you follow to a new reading list, every blog you follow will be lost to you and there is no way to get them back (unless of course you have memorized the names of every blog you follow or the web address).

Anything you are a follower of will be lost to you (pic below).

I have been using bloglovin' for a few months exclusively and I love it. It is super easy to move your blog following over from google reader too! Here is a brief overview of what to do.

Go to bloglovin.com click on create account. Notice on the create account screen has a note on how google reader users will be able to import their followed blogs.

sign up for an account.

Since I already have an account I wasn't able to show the exact way to import all your blogs from google reader, but it is a very simple process (just click a few buttons!).

Once you have your blogs moved from google reader, finding new blogs to follow is so easy! You can search for blogs by title or explore on the bloglovin' home page.

Below is what popped up when I searched for my blog. It is the first result and all I have to do is click the follow button!

This is my reading list. One thing I love about bloglovin' is I can mark the posts I have read. This really helps me keep tabs on what posts I need to catch up on and is great when I get overwhelmed and just want to start fresh with my reading queue.

I really don't want to lose any of you and have you lose me too! So do something about it if you haven't yet. I hope this note helped. If you have any questions let me know. Thanks for reading dolls!

xx, C

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