a pinch of our trip

On Sunday Ronald and I woke around four a.m. (my iPhone proves it) to catch our 7 a.m. flight to Las Vegas.

Ronald's 'holy shit it's early!' face on the way to the airport.

I brought this book with me and it is seriously the cutest most wonderful thing. If you are a dog person at all I think it is a must read.

Dog owners write letters to their dog and it is full of the cutest pictures of each pup. I am dying over it!

Taking pictures of my face.

I look like a scary librarian. ;)

My completely adorable mother-in-law Laura showed me a page in her notebook where along with to-dos and business notes she wrote "hold my beer". She doesn't drink beer and has no recollection of writing it. So funny/awesome and just like me, I love her.

On my computer this morning working on decorating ideas for our living room.


I'm so tired today and dealing with a fibromyalgia flare up. Not fun while on vacation. Today I am staying in my room all day and resting. It's hard because I want to do things, but I know if I do it will make things a lot worse.

The main reason we are here is for a safety conference that Ronald and my father-in-law (Paul) are attending (we run a safety and health business). Ronald and Paul are both speaking at the conference which is pretty cool. Paul is speaking today and I'm sad I will miss it. We are all kind of safety nerds (me due to osmosis from Ron) so to everyone else we probably all look like a bunch of geeks.

I can hardly keep my eyes open so I need to go nigh-nigh. Just wanted to check in and say 'howdy hey-hey!' (...ok I would never actually say that).

Love and good things, C

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