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After weeks of looking for shoes that are comfortable for my crazy-sensitive little feet, I finally hit the jackpot! Each pair is so comfy and cute. I love the Kork Ease sandals, and luckily I found them at a discount store for $49.99 instead of $100 online!

I also ordered this cutie purse from Urban Outfitters. I love it and hope it works well for me. I like how understated the color is too.

I have to say I did get a bit of a shopping high. It's so nice to finally find the things I was looking for. I came home and snuggled the pups and took a twenty minute nap, then Ronald came home. I was so excited to see him! For some reason I completely forgot it was Friday so that was an extra surprise. I made us dinner and now we are watching Arrested Development (for the fifth or sixth time, we love it!).

I'm feeling sort of ok right now which is quite wonderful. Not sure what we are going to do tomorrow, but Sunday we are going to Yosemite overnight for Ronald to teach a class. It's a few hours drive for us which is perfect because road trips are awesome. It will be nice to be away in such a gorgeous place. 

Anyway, what are you doing this weekend my dears?

xx, C

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