Snuggling Isabelle and putting my aching feet up on this pretty pink pillow.

Cricket after a bath.

The swelling went down in my fingers so I can wear my wedding ring again!

My bitch face. I don't smile when I'm out alone much so I look permanently grumpy.

It's evening and I'm exhausted. Ronald is in Colorado. He left for the airport at seven this morning but his flight was delayed three hours due to a snow storm in Colorado. He will come back sometime tomorrow, probably late, but I'm hoping he will be able to catch an earlier flight.

I was out all day. I went to the mall and the stores I wanted to visit couldn't have been farther from each other so I walked and walked. My feet are hurting so bad right now! Then I had lunch with my sister, and made a few more stops before heading home.

I'm super anxious and missing Ronald so much, but am trying to keep it together. 

Luckily there are three of the cutest pups ever on the couch with me so I have some company. ;)

I brought home some daffodils, and a lavender candle. Now it's time for some tea and some rest (I hope).

Love, C

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  1. I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy reading your blog. <3 You are brave to share your experiences in this type of space. I don't always comment because I usually read blogs from my phone, but I am always following along!

    <3 Amy


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