Sunday face

It's Sunday. Ronald is working which is no fun. I miss him so much, much, much.

I thought I would just do a catch up on nonsense post. So here it is.

A few things:

I found a gluten-free scone mix today. I'm going to put dried strawberries in it and make a sugar glaze for topping. Yum!

Above is my face. I like and don't like it all at the same time. My nose has a big freckle right in the center, silly nose...

Coffee is like the best thing to have in the afternoon and then in the evening: tea.

I love sparkle nail polish. It's sort of at the obsession level. The only thing I hate is that it's so hard to remove even with the strongest polish remover.


Wants (oh lord this is an expensive list):

a dishwasher--ours only cleans the bottom rack so I have to wash all the glass wear and tupperware in the sink every day. Bending over the sink kills my back, and my hands get super dry and sad.

A king size mattress and bed. Ok this is more of a dream than an actual want so far but we have a queen mattress and our 3 dogs sleep in bed with us too so it is so cramped! With my fibromyalgia it's so hard to have to stay in one spot for a long time, I get cramps and knots throughout my body and when the dogs are laying next to me I really can't move (they are good snugglers). This would be so insanely expensive though as we would have to get new sheets, and a new bed frame. Boo...

A new TV for our bedroom. The inputs are broken so we have our Apple TV cables rigged in with zip-ties. It's kind of funny but also annoying when the TV goes blank and we have to go jiggle the cables back into place.

Clothes! I seriously have so few clothes and a lot of my favorite things are worn out. I get so bummed, but one day...

Ballerina flats. I have two pairs right now but they are so old and stretched out.


Other news:

I want to redecorate a lot of the house. I don't really want to move around the furniture, just change the decor. I feel like things are so busy and I need to simplify everything. I'm so overwhelmed with how cluttered it all is. It doesn't help that things are a mess in general at the moment. I also need to clean out a lot of our storage areas. We have some storage but it just gets full of nonsense and isn't really functional.

I have so many ideas as to how to make things look fresher at home. But it just takes time and energy to get there. I haven't felt very creative lately and I really need that spark to get me motivated.

So I'm going to try this week to get decorating. Wish me luck!

xx, C


  1. *sigh* I desperately need to do some redecorating. I just have hand-me-down furniture and nothing I really truly enjoy that much, but it's so expensive. Good luck decorating! I always love the way you decorate your home. Can't wait to see photos. Also, totally jealous of your lashes! I have like 5 on each eye and they are short and hardly noticeable, lol.

  2. You're too cute!! This post is so much fun :) So nice to hear that you're finding some awesome things and making some great plans :D


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