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So let's talk about food. Since I've gone gluten-free my level of hunger and what I can eat has gone way down. I can seriously eat half or less of what I used to eat most of the time. I am not judging this positive or negative and please don't comment about any weight issues. None of this is about weight to me or losing weight, it is about health and I don't want to focus on my weight or size in any way.

The thing is I am having a lot of blood sugar issues due to the medication I am on. If I don't eat several snacks a day I get low blood sugar and lose all energy and feel faint. When this happens I run the risk of having a seizure which is scary. This is all due to my medication, and not because of an underlying health issue. The low blood sugar usually happens when I am out as I never think of snacking while I am running errands. I told my doctor about how I've been feeling and he gave me some advice as to what to do. He wants me to have a snack every three hours. The snacks need to vary between both protein and sugar. So juices, yogurt, almonds (he suggests that I eat 15 in one snack! I have no idea how I can eat that many), fruit, etc.

So now I am going to take snacks with me everywhere I go. I feel like a kid as I am going to bring a juice box, nuts, and fruit snacks which have a high sugar content. Kind of funny, and my purse is going to be stuffed! ;)

I'm trying to think of other things I can eat that sound yummy to me. I'm not much of a snacker and thinking of eating that much kind of makes me feel sick. But I will try. I think having juice will help a lot without filling me up too much. I love pineapple and orange juice so that's something.

Anyway, sometime all these issues are overwhelming. Seriously. Fibromyalgia is messing with every part of my body. I always thought it was just pain, but it is way more than that. Then the depression, then the gluten-free. Then all the side-effects from the piles of pills I take around the clock. Oi Moi.

Oh well...it is what it is.

xx, C

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  1. I am hypoglycemic too. I eat every 3-4 hrs. Some balanced snack ideas that don't need refrigeration: Apple with peanut butter. (Apple whole, then a few TBSP's PB in a container to eat with it.) I find "kind Bars" are a pretty perfect snack too. Easy to throw in the purse. You can pair string cheese with a fruit too. It wont go bad in a few hours but you wouldn't want to leave it in your purse for days... That's all I can think of for now. The gluten free thing makes it tricky, but still totally do-able!


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