some good things

these vintage photographs I found in an old scrapbook I bought for $10! These are a few of my absolute favorites.

How perfect to find this old picture of us in a stack of books this morning. Just in time for Valentine's!

It took me ages to find carnations, but I did and they are dreamy.

This little kitty doll makes me smile every time I look at it.

Some of my favorite art pieces cut out of my art history textbook back in 2001!

cute little goodies and a rabbit.

This book I found at a thrift store when I was sixteen.

This antique handmade doll I found at a thrift store yesterday for seven dollars. Her name is Virginia, as she totally reminds me of Virginia Woolf!

The amaryllis bulb I planted in January has turned into six huge blooms.

Our mantle with melty candles, and the valentine banner I made last week.

more amaryllis.  
valentine bunting (from a kids craft kit at Target).

kissy face.

a little Eiffel in my morning dishwashing view.

Pretty heart pendant.

Lots of flowering plants.

Record playing kind of morning.

One of my favorite mugs.

Bird drawing waiting to be painted.

Record I listened to with breakfast.
I have been gone from blogland for a while! This is seriously the longest I have gone without blogging in probably four or five years! I've missed this. I've missed you.

I hope your day is new and flowery. Cozy and warm. Musical and dreamy.

xx, C


  1. I love all the little details of your home. I can't wait until I have my own home and I can find little things to make my house a home.
    Your valentines stuff is so cuteee!
    I freaking love that kitty doll.

  2. aaahh beautiful!!! lovely pieces!
    advanced happy valentines day!!

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