wrong wrong wrong

Seems like things just keep going wrong today. 

Here is a list: 

I was so stomach sick this morning, and had so much pain in my hip I was crying. 

I went out to get some houseplants but became so sick I had to come home (still brought home a plant or two). 

I had a meeting to go learn about different insurance options at 11:30 but couldn't make it due to the pain I am having.

I laid down for a bit and couldn't fall asleep or get in a comfortable position. 

I got up and was going to bake that buttermilk cake I mentioned in a previous post but I forgot to buy one ingredient! 

I had a different post almost ready to publish here but the formatting became wonky and I had to scrap it. No matter what I did the margins wouldn't even out. Sometimes blogger does that to me and it is weird and rotten.


Can I cancel today? Ok, good. Glad we had this talk. 


  1. Sorry you're not feeling well! I hope those flowers help you feel better. :)

  2. Oh my :( So sad to read this. I wish I had seen it yesterday so I could have tried to cheer you up!!


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