Field Report- Circle Drive

"Leftside sidewalk hospital circle drive walked this way twice a day, back the other way two times,

They got you wrapped up in guilt like an aftermarket cancer quilt and I don't know the names of the people on the patches,

And they ground you down to calcium and road salt and pressed you into piles of pills they cut with ashes."

Field Report- Circle Drive


I really, really love this song. Click the link above to hear it on YouTube. 

Last night I had pretty much the worst panic attack of my life. Luckily Ronald was with me, but I got so low, I think the lowest I have ever been. It's scary to hit the bottom, scary and awful.

I'm hoping to get some strength today. I feel totally spent, slumped over, done. But I need to shore up so I can get through the week-month-life. 

x, C

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