Peony :: Pantry Cleaning :: Preparations

I snatched these peonies up at our local supermarket. They cost $30 as they are out of season, I had no idea until we were at the checkout, but Ronald insisted that we buy them, and I'm glad he did. I've never had peonies this time of year so it's a treat.

Today I am going to clean out our pantry. It is stuffed with things that we don't end up eating, and expired crackers and canned goods. I'm trying to break my habit of buying a lot of additional foods that we end up not eating. I always think we will snack on things, when honestly we don't do very often, besides R eating berries, or me with a little popcorn. So a lot gets wasted, and I really hate that. I haven't cleaned the pantry completely out since July so it really is a mess.

I'm also trying to prepare myself mentally for my doctors appointment today. I'm not thinking about it too much which is good and am just ready to get it over with.

What are you up to today?

xx, C


  1. Those flowers are so lovely. We have so much stuff in our cabinets that we don't use. Good luck with your appointment!!

  2. These photos are stunning! Those flowers are beyond beautiful!
    I hope your appointment went well!


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