Making cookies!
Lot's of hearts and flour.

Trying to look like a real baker.

Our scary snowman...

was accidentally beheaded! :(

Christmas morning with this cute boy!

Isabelle the elf (don't worry Ronald isn't strangling her) :)

Christmas breakfast: French press coffee, oj and Pillsbury orange rolls.

Ronald talking to his stocking.

Ronald kissing his stocking.



Gift certificates!
Our Christmas was so nice. In the morning Ronald and I opened all the presents under the tree, and we gave lots of toys to the pups. My favorite gift is a leather refillable sketchbook that I have been wanting all year, it's so perfect and lovely, I can't wait to fill it with sketches!

We spent the afternoon with my in-laws. We watched movies and had a yummy simple dinner. It was relaxing which is just what we needed.

Today Ronald is back to work, and life returns to a bit of normalcy. I usually get really depressed Christmas night and the days after Christmas, but this year I really tried to keep my spirits up and although I am depressed, I didn't get the after Christmas blues which would have made things worse. So that's something.

How was your holiday? I hope it was dreamy and light, happy and restful.

xx, C


  1. This looks like a beautiful Christmas!!! I love that you had a quiet, intimate Christmas morning. Glad to hear that you didn't get that after Christmas drag. I didn't either!! Weird.

  2. Pictures of you!!! You never have new pics of you! You look beautiful and like a real baker! ;)
    I saw Ronald has a tatt of your name on his arm! Awesome!
    That sounds nice.
    I have the holiday blues!!

  3. Yay! It's so good to actually see you. You seriously do look like a professional baker! =)

  4. Oh you guys are so sweet! I hate showing pictures of me, but I am also tired of hiding all the time.

    Happy New Year!

    xx, C

  5. Oh awesome! I am glad you guys had a nice Christmas! You are lovely. It is refreshing to see your face and beautiful smile :]
    {Em ♥ teatreevintage.blogspot.com}


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