This is my dear, sweet Amelia. For Halloween she was sneaky and ate half of a terribly large pumpkin and made herself sick. She loves bed time and wanders around the house encouraging us to go to bed early.

In other news-es. I want to decorate for Christmas so badly! On Sunday Ronald brought the Christmas decorations inside, but they are still in the boxes filling our dining room. I just don't have the energy to do much of anything.

I had a rough day yesterday. I just didn't feel like myself and had really intense mood-swings. I went to therapy and barely talked, I usually have plenty to say, instead I stared off into space and cried.

Today I'm feeling a bit better. Tonight Ronald and I might go on a date. A peppermint mocha seems to be in order, as well as a movie. Fun!

xx, C


  1. We decorated for Christmas the other day. My dog Mason is so silly. He know exactly which stocking is his and will go up to it and point his nose at it about 20 times a day (there's not even anything in it yet). He loves Christmas and just can't wait!

  2. Amelia is such a beautiful Dog!! Now I am craving a peppermint mocha :)

  3. What a cutie!!!
    I can't wait to decorate for Christmas!!
    Peppermint mocha...mmmmm


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