There are many more miles to roam

Woke sad this morning. Right now it's a battle to wait out the depression. Time can be so finicky and slow. The depression will wear itself out at some point, but waiting for that to happen is really difficult. 


My desk is such a mess these days. I found some organizers and am going to get things cleared off so I can get back to watercoloring and crafting.

I have been finding Martha Stewart craft paper globes and paper party decorations at discount stores for 75% off! I stocked up on white, pale red, and turqouise ones and am going to put them together for Christmas. I think a crafty Christmas is in order.

My closet has been a disaster for months now. I can't find all my clothes or shoes because they are piled up on the floor. It's time to get that cleaned up, maybe this week.

Our three pups are doing great together. Amelia and Cricket play all day which is really cute and Isabelle has so many hedgehog toys they are starting to plan a takeover! :)

Well, that's all for now.

xx, C


  1. As much as Martha Stewart kinda gets on my nerves, I want every single one of her products. Her Halloween stuff is just great. I'm glad the pups are doing well! Keep your head up!

    1. I know, that she has taken the phrase "and that's a good thing" and basically ruined it breaks my heart. :)

      I love her decor and craft stuff though, it's so cute. Gah!

      Thanks for being here.

      xx, C

  2. haha I just made the comment the other day.. "For being an ex-con, she sure has some awesome craft shit."

  3. I second Karen. I do want all things Martha Stewart.. I'm not ashamed to admit I subscribe to her magazine..

    I can't wait to see what you make for your crafty Christmas. We need one at our house too.
    Sending you love ("and that's a good thing")


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