some favorites

I made a photo book on Shutterfly this morning, and here are a few of my favorite photographs.

Ronald is off to work and I am staying home today to catch up on a few things and run some errands. I am hoping to get a chance to watercolor or finish up the newsletter (which will be sent out tomorrow). We'll see how much I can get done.

I am balancing a lot of things right now. Work, raising a puppy, keeping our house livable, blogging + newsletter, working on some projects with my sister, and trying to start my etsy store. It can be a bit overwhelming but at least I'm not bored! I hate being bored so having things to fill up my time is nice.

Would you rather be too busy or a little bored?

xx, C


  1. I HATE being bored. I know I have been complaining about all the moving crap but honestly working on it has made me feel productive.
    I love the underwater picture! So cool! I also loveeee your wedding ring. Really elegant.
    I'm excited for the newsletter!

  2. I know I hate being bored too! I love feeling like I'm getting things done.

    Thanks for the note on my ring! You're a doll! :)

  3. I'd definitely rather be busy doing something - I start to feel crappy and sorry for myself if I'm bored. I feel like I'm wasting time. Love that underwater photo, how did you manage to get that?

    ♥ Em

    1. For the picture we had an underwater camera, that ended up breaking down but I was still able to get some of the photos off of the memory card! That was in Hawaii, luckily we were able to return the broken camera when we got home...

      xx, C


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