Pumpkin head guy

I about died when I saw this silly-polka-dot-sparkly-smile-faced-pumpkin-head-guy at Joann's Fabrics today. Isn't he adorable? I had to snatch him up and as luck would have it...he was on sale! :)

I decorated the entire mantle for Halloween and I'm not quite sold on it yet so am going to make some changes. It's gaudy, I love gaudy for holidays but maybe it's too much? I think I might take some of the pictures down or maybe take down the orange pumpkins? Not sure yet...

In other news life is hard as hell in the emotional/physical/mental department. I am sad, depressed, I have no energy. I wish I had friends. I have to go to the doctor tomorrow for tests. This is all hard and I hate the alone in the world feeling I've been experiencing.

But I did decorate the mantle. That's something.

xx, C


  1. Love the mantle. What time do you go to the dr tomorrow? I can go with you....

  2. You totally inspired me to start decorating my mantle. I love that garland! I'm such a nerd that I can hardly wait when Target gets in their Halloween stuff. I've already bought a few things and I'll probably go back at least 10 times...

  3. I love your mantle. I love gaudy for the holidays and so the more the merrier. I was decorating today and will post a pic in FB soon. I wish I was near or could snap myself there so I could be there with you. Love you

  4. Gaudy is good. I'd even say it's not quite gaudy enough!! Especially Halloween wise.. Halloween is meant to be over the top!

    You have a friend right here!


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