not so perfect/perfect house

 Here is our new set up and furniture:

Couch, new coffee table, and rug (dog not included in purchase). ;)

I love the coffee table so much!

I really like how the colors blend yet stand out a bit too.

The couch is really, really comfortable. I usually don't like Ikea couches as they are too low to the ground and stiff but this one is really nice.

New orchids

I love the orange in this one.

Clean desk. I use the jars to store little odds and ends and it has made my desk so much cleaner!

Two antique pictures. I am smitten with that dog!

New curtains in the dining room. It's nice because this room gets super hot and bright so having a bit of shade helps.

Our darling kitchen. Maybe my favorite room in the house...



Vintage record player/radio as our entryway table. It doesn't work anymore but is lovely.

I love how vintage it looks. We hide our keys and nonsense in the mirrored jewelry box, I use those everywhere for storage and love them.

Re-arrainged art wall.

It's a lot more simple which I like.

We moved a bookshelf from our room to our unpainted hallway. I like having my poetry here.

New bed, and lace curtains all from Ikea.

Quilt and body pillow from Target. I love the shabby chic line at Target even though it can be overdone if you decorate everything in flowers. The bedding is super soft when you buy it like it has been washed a ton which is nice.

The bed frame was only $99!

Our room is pretty girly...but I love it.


My nightstand.



New wardrobe for linen storage and new dresser.

We are going to move the wardrobe against the wall once we take a shelf down so it will not look like it is taking over the room.

Peony picture (taken by me), pom pom (yes I have party pom poms in my room...) and Ronald's lucky coin that told him to ask me out.

Us on our first date (swing dancing) and bracelets.

The curtains are silver grey but look black.

This dresser has so much room! The drawers are really deep.

I love the simplicity of the wardrobe, it's perfect.

It even has a lock and key!




  1. I can't believe you have a pic from your first date! You look like babies!! SO cute!
    I have a lot of thigns to say about this post.
    1. I love the couch. It looks like you would sink right in and I want it.
    2. You guys must love Abraham Lincoln. I saw the pic on the wall and a book on the shelf. ;)
    3. I love the color of your room! It's so unique but so classy loooking!
    4. I'm glad you said where you got your bedding because that is totally the style I want
    5. Your drapes are lovely!!!

  2. Yes we both like Abraham Lincoln a lot, we even have an old Abe Lincoln piggy bank. :)

    I thought the room color was going to be more brown when we painted it years ago, but I'm glad it is greenish.

    The drapes are from Target and discount stores, and Ikea.

    And I totally recommend that bedding. Its a bit pricey but we have had it for years.

    xx, C

  3. Yep, I want your whole house. Everything you got is just awesome. Now I want to go clean and update my house!

  4. Thanks so much for letting us take a peek into your space. I am obsessed with the grey walls. That's something my sweetie and I are leaning towards for our new kitchen and living space. Some of my favorite things about this post: your new coffee table, all those pretty flowers, the way you organized your desk, your pink cuckoo clock and the skeleton key/lock on your wardrobe!

    1. I love grey too and like that our colors have a warmth to them. Sometimes grey can come of as cold, you know? If you want the names of the colors let me know!

      xx, C

  5. Simply. Beautiful.

    1. Thank you dear! I wish I could have you all over for a party! :)

  6. Love it! Your kitchen is gorgeous!


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