It has been a while. I'm working on being present and ok after two weeks of depression and silence. I kind of want to keep hiding but know it is time to push myself back into reality. Depression is an awful thing. Even after a good day like yesterday, I lay in bed wondering in devastating fear if I will ever be fulfilled or content. 

I don't really know what else to say. I'm fighting so hard which is completely exhausting. I want to get back to my creative life, to doing the things I love, but I don't know when that will happen. Fingers crossed it will happen soon.

So I'm really wondering how are you?

xx, C


  1. Sending you love!!!!!!
    I'm doing ok. Weird, weird fight with a mean "friend" on Saturday. Not over it.
    At least work is going good today!
    I hope you keep fighting and that you get back to your creativity and doing things you love!!! <3

  2. I am frustrated, still trying to adjust, and feel like my brain just doesn't have the capacity for learning.

    Hang in there lady...take all the time you need. I hope you get back to being creative and doing things you love soon. Who knows, maybe it will help. Vent all your frustrations/depression on something artistic no matter how it turns out. <3


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