Where have you gone?

I have totally lost my creative drive. I mean completely and utterly. I can't even remember what it's like to create, and I'm feeling pretty damn miserable about it.

I haven't sat down to write in over a month, this hasn't happened in about two years. I keep wondering what's wrong with me? And can't figure it out.

I have ideas of pushing myself. Of getting up one morning and just doing no matter how I feel about it. But then that morning comes and I feel like shit and have no energy so it doesn't happen. There is too much on my mind to make this happen. To much incessant clicking in my brain.

A lot is going on. I understand that, I feel that, I really feel that. I also know I have zero outlet to get these feelings and emotions out. I am so out of touch with who I am, and it's exhausting.


  1. Hey girlie,

    Well this week I had a complete mental break down over nonsense. Well, to me it wasnt nonsense. I was stressed about so many things that I havent felt the need to connect with people lately. It really made me realize how I could use my blog to my advantage to vent. I hope you get your creative back! Write some good things lady!

    Meg @ guppyandwhaleshark.blogspot.com
    twitter: cincy_cindrella

  2. Don't be too hard on yourself. I know when I get mad at myself for not doing what I feel like I SHOULD be doing, it just makes things worse and stresses me out. If you're not feeling like being creative, that's ok. Just go with the flow. It will pass and one day you will wake up and feel inspired.

  3. Don't get mad at yourself(: It happens, I swear it does. Just go out with your friends and family, go out and see the world, take pictures, maybe take a journal and draw everything pretty you see. The world will motivate you and you won't even notice it. Just be you.


I adore your notes! Please don't be shy! :)