Thank you+peony+feelings

Dear Lovelies, thanks for all the incredibly sweet comments on my last post. It means so much to me! You are all awesome! I feel so accepted and understood and like I am just where and what I need to be right now.

It's morning and the sun is slowly filling the house with shimmery light. The house is full of peonies, some are fully open, about to fall apart in their blossoming goodness and others are still tightly stitched together. They are altogether good and smell delicious.

I'm doing so-so and ok and horrible all at the same time. Some mornings are just that way. But you know, it's ok to not always feel good. And ho-hum-hi-ho life goes on...

xx, C


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  2. I feel you. The important part is to get up and try to smile :)


  3. Thanks Eeka, yes it is so important. :)

    xx, C


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