I am joining the lovely Rachele of The Nearsighted Owl in sharing my size with all of blog-land. This isn't easy of me as I am worried about what everyone will think, but I believe I shouldn't have to hide something so simple as what size clothes I wear.

I have hid my size for years to the point that I don't go shopping with friends, rarely use dressing rooms because people can see the size I choose, hide my labeled hangers in fear of being judged, and I'm really really tired of it. I shouldn't be ashamed of my body or the number on the scale. I am so self-conscious that it is getting in the way of me living a full life and that makes me sad. I want to be myself and be ok with who I am.

Last month I took a big step as I went to Hawaii and actually wore a bathing suit! I didn't take a single picture in it because I was too embarrassed, but at least I did it. I rarely take full body pictures of myself, this one is the first full-body picture taken all year.

I think we are all told that our weight is a part of who we are, it is a judgement of our worth and the smaller the number the more worth you have. That makes me really sad and I realize that I can't help others feel good and be accepting of who they are unless I treat myself the same way.

So this is my first step...ahhh I am so scared to post this right now! Ok...deep breath....here goes. :)


  1. I think you look absolutely gorgeous in that dress! And hooray for bravery! I seldom take full body shots either. I hate them actually.

  2. Oh girl! What on earth are you worried about? You're absolutely adorable AND stunning. BTW, we're both 16s AND we have the same hairstyle for the most part. :D Awesome!!!

  3. We need a group of girls that are 16! I am too! You look beautiful!


  4. You look gorgeous...loving the hairstyle!


  5. You should take full body pics all the time-you're lovely!!! That dress is cute too! And you are all around cute. :) Saw you in the link up so I thought I'd say hi! :)

  6. Good for you!! I have a pair of size 16 pants, but I mostly wear a 13. This is a great post and I think I might do this too.


  7. You guys are all so awesome! I appreciate all your thoughts, you make me feel safe and ok to be me.

    xx, C

  8. You look so lovely and happy! I am a little jealous of that blue water you are standing in. Glad you aren't hiding anymore! Go girl!

  9. I just clicked through from Rachele's blog - and I want to say that you are absolutely gorgeous! I'm so glad you're not hiding your pretty self from the world, because it would be a crying shame : )


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