"walls that I won't climb"

Hello Friends. Life has been a weird bug and I feel really out of it but am trying to get myself pulled back together from the anxiety and depression I am experiencing. Hopefully this will make our trip better (we are leaving tomorrow). We will be gone for almost a week and I really want to spend some time taking care of myself and creating lots of lovely things. I will be alone for a few of the days so I am getting myself prepared.

I'm going to pack a lot of things to stay busy. Including watercolors, art journal stuff, regular journals, notepads, planners, cameras, and most of my favorite movies (Summertime, Julia and Julia, and Funny Face just to name a few). I also have face masks, nail polish and candles on the packing list. I think with some french music playing on my iPad I think it will make for a nice relaxing evening.

Do you travel well? I get so nervous on the plane, I used to have to take anti-anxiety medication, now I have more control and do ok. Do you like staying at hotels? It depends on the hotel for me. I have to feel safe, that is the key. If the doors open on the outside I usually don't feel safe, and I have to sleep as far away from the door as possible usually. I also unpack as soon as I get there or I feel out of place.

Excited to hear your answers!

Love, C


  1. I hope you have fun on your trip! I don't like the idea of flying, but it's safer than driving in a car when you think about it. I'm always like a little kid and look out the window the whole time when I'm flying.
    I'm with you about the hotels. They need to be safe and very clean.

  2. Hello there,
    first, I would like to say that you are a very brave lady to share your story with depression with us; thank you so much. I had a quick read at your previous posts and I also want to add that you are very talented and genuine ; keep it up and never give up.

    Before I moved to Italy I used to travel a lot and every time the day before my travel I feel so low and do not want to go; the funny thing is as soon as I arrive to the airport all my anxiety vanishes and I feel great. I do get travel sickness so I do need to take some pills for that.

    Anyway, happy travels and please do keep the pretty smile.
    Kind Regards

  3. I wouldn't say I particularly like flying. I think the whole experience, from buying to the ticket to going through security to sitting on a plan with a bunch of strangers is just stress-inducing. But, I DO think travel is fun. So I do have fun when I fly, it's just a stressed kind of fun :)

    And I LOVE staying in hotels. I'm one of those weird people who sleeps better in a hotel than at home. I think maybe it's because they're always so tidy, and I know even if I get messy I'm not the one who has to clean it. Relieves a lot of the regular pressure I feel at home!


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