Road trip!

Today we are going up to Yosemite. We go every year so R can teach a class. We are going to stay the night in a cabin with no television and there will most likely be no signal for internet. It will be strange to be "unplugged" for a bit.

Its a three of four hour drive up very windy hills, I love road trips but this one makes me a bit jittery as the roads are kind of creepy. Oh well. It will still be fun to listen to music and catch up with R.

Of course I will bring my camera and take lots of snaps of the beautiful scenery. R's class is six hours so I will have a lot of time to walk around and explore.

I will be back to blogging Thursday, unless for some miracle there is a good internet connection.

Happy trails friends. :)


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  1. So jealous. My parents went there a few years ago and it looks absolutely amazing. I hope you have a fun and relaxing time!


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