Tattoo update/Sunday morning

Yesterday evening we went to the tattoo shop, we got an appointment with the tattooist we really wanted to work with just by chance which was awesome. We talked about my tattoo idea and he is going to take a few hours to draw it so I am not getting mine until next weekend. R was able to get his though, I think its pretty damn cool.

Once I get my tattoo next weekend we are going to set up another appointment to get one more tattoo each. I am going to get my next one on the inside of my forearm. Its going to be a quill with a banner through it that reads "In the Summer air".

My tattoo next weekend is going across my upper chest, I'm a little nervous about how much it will hurt. We've decided not to do color and to keep it more simple. I can't wait to reveal to you what it is!

Anyway, its Sunday. We are going to go on a date and try hard to see a movie. I love going to the movies but for some reason I get really anxious in a dark space. I know that is kind of silly, but its true.

Have a wonderful day darlings.

xx, C


  1. Oh thanks dear! I can't wait to show everyone!

  2. Ooo, ouch, ooo ouch. You're braver men than I! I have always wanted a ladybird on my toe. Always. I keep saying it. I wonder if it will be a similar thing to my nose piercing which I had done when I was about 31/32 ish. I will probably end up getting the tattoo done when I am sixty. Which reminds me of this lady I saw on a tv show over here. She was in her sixties and had decided to get her nose pierced. The thing was she was dressed in very prim and proper clothes as you would expect of a sixty year old. Her clothes looked lovely. Her nose looked cool. But I could not quite put the two together! I have a feeling I will be a floaty hippie pixie until the day I shuffle off! ;-) xxx P

  3. To me a piercing is way more painful than a tattoo. A tattoo takes longer but it is like little pricks rather than a big stab. And if you get something small at first it really isn't that bad!

    Love, C


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