goals. hint. etc.

Hello Darlings,

Just to be a tease I thought I would tell you that part of my tattoo has to do with something about the picture above (its probably not what you expect). ;)

Its morning and we are having some work done on our house so I am spending the day at my sweet in-laws house.

I have been feeling like quite a failure these days. It doesn't help that I have been lacking energy like crazy the last week and basically did nothing...ugh. Our house is a huge mess, I haven't cooked in so long, I haven't been creative other than one painting session and a few words typed out quickly. Basically that is all I have done. I keep crying about it but I don't have the energy today to change it. This morning I will go to therapy which should help me get a bit of perspective.

But its damn hard to feel like my life is amounting to nothing. I want to be purposeful in the things I do, I want to have a goal, but it seems I struggle so much with sticking with it. I'm so bummed about it. I think feeling purposeless is one of the worst feelings and leads to a loss of hope.

What do you do to reach a goal? Any tips?

xx, C


  1. I think starting a blog and putting yourself out to the world is a huge step in creating the life you want. If you have other people helping you along, it makes it easier to stick to your goals. But don't get down on yourself if it doesn't happen overnight! I totally feel your pain though. Depression is awful to overcome. You wish you could just make yourself think differently, but it's not that easy. Things will get better though. I think you have the will to better yourself, you've just got to get over that hump. (Sorry, I'm rambling but I know all too well what you're going through!!!)

  2. Oh thank you sweetheart. I love your rambles and comments. it definitely gives me hope!

    xx, C


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