I feel like I looked especially nerdy yesterday, I feel a little silly in regards to these pictures but I thought I'd share anyway.

Yesterday was a date day. We went out to lunch and our waitress commented three times about how much we ate, seriously?!? We came to celebrate R being done with a long work report so wanted to have a good time, but we were both kind of weirded out by her incessant comments, we both felt really awkward.

Then we found a tv stand for our bedroom, its nice but took hours and hours to set up. Our bedroom is so small and can only be set up one way so to find one that fit was nice. That night I made a cake to continue our celebration (take that waitress!) and it was so yummy!

As regards to the blog, google is making it sound like they will give me back my old one soon! I will keep this as my address though and just import the posts from my old blog. The new design should be up in a few days so pardon the mess. Its really colorful and cute, I'm excited for you to see it!

I hope I can get my followers up again, if you know of anyone who used to follow my blog, please pass the address on to them.

Thanks my darlings!



  1. Catherine, you look adorable in these photos!! Glad the blog thing is getting resolved.
    Have a wonderful week. Love, Sally

  2. Hey Catherine, thanks for checking out my blog and following. I'll follow your blog so we can keep in touch. :) Your hair is super adorable. And nerdy is the new COOL. :D
    <3 Daisy


  3. Thanks Sally! You are so sweet.

    Daisy, I love your blog and am so glad you are following mine!

    xx, C


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