"Just down below me is the old sea, just down below me is the old sea."

Strange how hard it rains now
Rows and rows of big dark clouds
When I'm holding on underneath this shroud

-Patty Griffin

I wake up in so much pain when it rains. My mood has been up and down and I've been feeling worse than usual physically. But I'm hanging on. I know how it goes. I fight tooth and nail and have a good day or a few and that keeps me going. 

Winter has been hard on my mood because of the lack of sunshine and how wet and worn the garden is. I don't have a nice place to sit out there as our swing is broken and constantly damp. Nature is one of the things I love most and it totally keeps me going. I can't wait to have a yard that is landscaped and has a dedicated garden...something to look forward to.

So for now I trudge out to the deck and pine over my dying roses and plants, bundled in my hot pink robe. Then I come back inside to the cozy warm house and try to rest and care for myself. Life has been slow going because my anxiety is giving me a lot of trouble in getting out of the house and going to coffee or anything much. I'm working on it though. I'm hoping things will cheer up when the sun comes back out.

xo, C

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  1. I love fall, but by winter I'm kind of over it and ready for spring. I try to focus on creating one thing a week to reign myself in and feel like I'm productive. I realized I already broke that resolution last week hahaha, so I guess I'm doubling up this week.

    Thank you for sharing. Lots of love from Washington! - Rachelle


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