some random things

This dog though!

1.) Instagram says I have used the hashtag #titsfordays. Yeah...not so much.

2.) I really love intelligent scary movies. Over the weekend we watched a foreign movie called Goodnight Mommy about young twin boys whose mom gets plastic surgery and is all bandaged up. The boys start thinking that she isn't really their mom and they torture and kill her. I know that sounds horrible, and it was, and I hate torture and especially movies that depict it, but it was a different take as I don't think the boys understood what they were doing. Anyway, it was freaky and it stuck with me. It's a movie I thought was really well made but I would never recommend it to anyone because it was sort of too much. So now I'm haunted by a movie...

3.) If you want to get something that will make your house smell amazing, get this Barr and Co. room spray. I've never tried the room spray but their candles are amazing. It's a signature scent. Think soap and cream, it's so fantastic and subtle. I have one of their candles lit now, and our living room smells live heaven (even with four dogs!). 

4.) I've been eating a lot of kids cereal. Cocoa Puffs for breakfast and Star Wars cereal for lunch. Over the weekend R and I went to Target and we basically filled our cart with boxes of cereal!

5.) I've recovered from my agoraphobia due to a new medication! It's so great. I can't wait to dress up and wear makeup (been a month and a half or more since I was dolled up!) I have some fantastic new dresses too. I want to go to my favorite bookstore, have some cocoa, and enjoy this cold weather.

6.) As you all probably know, our pup Cricket is sick. She has something wrong with her liver and we are still doing tests to see what it is. She is having very few symptoms which may be a good sign. Every day we go to the vet (today 3 appointments!), and it's so stressful, especially for her. She is my survivor and I'm a survivor too. We rely on each other so much. She has helped me through some of my darkest moments. R always tells me that if Cricket can get through all the horrible abuse and fear she has been through, I can get through too. It's so hard seeing her sick and especially not knowing what will happen next. We love her so much and that's all we can do.

7.) Are you excited for the holidays? R and I are so excited! This Thanksgiving we are on our own and here's our menu: 

smoked pulled pork (Ron spends hours making it and it's fantastic!) on Hawaiian rolls
garlic potatoes
roasted cauliflower and broccoli
sautéed peppers and onions


I love you. I'm here if you need support, just someone to talk to, or a love note! xoxox

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