Things I do when I'm sick

Little things I do when I'm depressed:

I don't throw things away because it seems too hard, especially floss (ew).

I can't leave the house unless R is with me (agoraphobia is the worst), I can hardly go in the backyard by myself!

I eat a lot of carbs and always have a 10:30 a.m. savory snack.

I drink a ton of water (this is a new one but a super healthy one!)

I don't squeegee the shower door. Ever.

I am religious about taking my meds which makes my doctor happy.

I don't take many photos. Sad Face.

I snuggle with my bright hello kitty, princess, or Frozen blanket. These blankets are very important to me. And I want different ones at different ones at different times. Serious business.

I go to bed at 7 p.m. and fall asleep around 7:30 or 8:00 (sleep is so important when your brain wants to kill you.)

I don't wear any makeup for weeks at a time. My skin is so much better but I miss makeup.

I don't wear regular clothes but I keep buying them (and lipstick!)

When I have nightmares I usually wake up and have a few M&M's and watch Seinfeld.

When I nap I watch Bob's Burgers.

I need noise all the time, but music doesn't work so I always have the tv on...so not me normally.

I wear Pajamas always and have special weekend pjs that I think are cuter but they always consist of sweatpants. 

I adore sweatpants because I'm super short so I don't trip over them, and uhm...they are the comfiest things on earth.


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  1. These all resonate with me. My hello kitty blanket is very precious! I hope you have some light in the darkness soon dear heart ❤️


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