The reveal

Welcome to the new Life Collection! I'm so glad you're here! I reimagined this space after getting pretty burnt out with my old way of blogging, which was basically posting here and there about whatever I felt like at the time. I really lost my direction and thought about giving it up. Then after a bout of loneliness I came up with a new vision for this space, and I am so excited about to share it with you!

I want Life Collection to be a kindness blog. Not just kindness to those around us, but kindness toward ourselves. I have learned that loving yourself first is the real key to being able to have empathy and compassion for those around us. This is where the tag line "love you, love all" comes in. I think if we love ourselves it gives us the capacity to love everyone around us.

I want to share my own journey toward self-love (which I'm still working on intensely), tips and ideas for caring for ourselves and those around us, and just about anything and everything loving and kind.
I hope Life Collection is a positive space where we can share our own kindness stories. I want to get more interactive and maybe I'll even share some guest posts. I want us to talk about happiness, joy, good things. We talk about feeling positive emotions, but what do those emotions look like? What triggers them? What is a good day for you? For me? For those around us? I'm sure it is diverse, and that is exciting!

We see so much tragedy in the world and it's devastating. What can we do about it? We can get bitter, or we can get compassionate! Let's choose kindness! Let's sprinkle compassion around like confetti! Let's do our best to make even one person's day better and see where it goes!

Thanks for being here! Let's do this!

xo, C


  1. I love this new direction, looking forward to future posts!!


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