I read a quote a few months ago that said "Combat anxiety with gratitude." That really stuck with me as this has been quite an anxious year for me. When my mind is focused on looking at the things I am grateful for in anxious moments, I see that things work out sometimes, that I have people who love me, that there is hope and good in the world. 

I'm really focused this Thanksgiving on seeing the good in life. There is a lot to be thankful for. Even when I was in the throws of depression, I could write pages on things that were good. Even in the worst moments, there is good. 

I think about our world, and we need the good so much right now. Maybe if we all fill our hearts with gratitude and hope it will spill over to the people around us. If we can give just a person or two a good moment, it has the possibility to change more than just those few seconds.

Let's start the kindness and gratitude within ourselves and then pass it on to others. Write a gratitude list (I call them "good things lists"), tell someone how much they mean to you, be kind to yourself today, tell yourself how valuable you are. 

Here are a few things on my good things list:

This is my first Thanksgiving depression free in ten years!

I'm so lucky to have my husband R be my best friend too.

Our four pups who are wild, and work, and wonderful.

The red leaved trees in our neighborhood that are so beautiful.

Cold nights with warm fires.


What are some things you are grateful for?

xo, C

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