Lisbon, I miss you

Hi Lovely!

We are back in the states and the adjustment has been hard. I miss Europe so much as well as the people we met. Getting over jet lag isn't fun, and just getting back into normal life is overwhelming. I figured some stuff out this trip and had a lot of experiences with being vulnerable, which was great. I'm looking forward to bringing the things I learned into my everyday life. I'm also going to do my best to keep in contact with the people we met.

I feel like I left a part of my heart in Lisbon. I have never had an experience quite like it. To be honest, I wasn't ready to come home and I have cried a lot of sloppy tears. But I'm doing my best to enjoy our life here. I love our house, how much nature is around us, and how quiet our street is! I love sharing my life with Ronald and our pups. Things are good, and are just going to get better.

xo, C


  1. I'm thrilled you loved Lisbon like I did. Such a special place. Coming home from travel sucks except for being reunited with our beloved fur faces. I always feel low and sad and empty. Start planning your next adventure is my motto!!! Loved seeing your photos xxxx

    1. Thanks Lil! Yeah I loved it there. Getting more settled at home but I still miss it so much!


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