ten lately things

Hi lovely friends,

Here are some happenings, thinkies, and wishes as of late...

1. I want to go on a little Monterey vacation. This photograph is of a sunset from the hotel we stay at, it's right on the beach and amazing!

2. I am on a Catherine-cation! I have nothing scheduled for a week and I am over the moon about it. I am going to craft and work on the shop, propagate some succulents, set up my garden (finally), and take myself on a coffee date.

3. For dinner yesterday I made pulled pork, bruschetta, and roasted vegetables. It was so yummy but the kitchen was a mess this morning as I was too tired to clean up last night.

4. I'm getting my haircut tomorrow. I'm really nervous because I hate looking in mirrors and people messing with my hair or anything. Eek. Luckily my mother-in-law is joining me for a little motherly support.

5. I've half-convinced myself that the vintage dresser I found for four bucks at the thrift store is cursed. Ever since we moved it into our bedroom I've had trouble sleeping and I just get bad vibes from it. I'm ridiculous...but I really want to throw it away (R is going to hate me for this).

6. It's about time for me to wear eyeshadow again. I used to love doing up my eyes, but by-golly getting ready every day can be exhausting! Going to try to at least wear it on the weekends and doll up. I want to dress like a pinup every day but that seems like some hard work!

7. R and I are having a stay-cation next week! On the agenda is a trip to the zoo, rest, and lots of tv. We are so lazy and I love it. So glad that fella thinks I'm cute in my sweatpants and messy hair! If he didn't I'd just punch him and force him to say I'm cute, so it's a win-win.

8. I'm going to start eating eggs. I hate eggs! You have no idea how much...but I have so little variety of proteins in my diet and don't like a lot of meat so I am going to try to like them...I had planned on making scrambled eggs this morning but chickened out (pun haha), and ended up having yogurt. I'm a wuss, especially when it comes to trying new foods. 

9. R and I are learning Portuguese for Lisbon. Just the basics. We are using the app Duolingo which is free and super easy to use, we do the lessons together and I kind of hate that R is way better at it than I am, yes, I'm super competitive. I want to pack and leave for Lisbon today. So excited! 

10. I'm reading The Feminine Mystique and holy crap everyone should read it (guys too). It is super empowering and yeah, a great call to action for me to build my own life. Feminism for the win!


I adore your notes! Please don't be shy! :)