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So I have really sensitive little feet. I have the hugest trouble finding shoes that don't give me blisters, and I almost always get blisters on the bottom of my feet if I wear uncomfortable shoes. Not fun to hobble around on my heels! It can take me months to find a comfortable pair of shoes. I have been trying shoes online with little luck and usually end up returning them.

Lately it seems that I buy a pair of shoes thinking they will work, then try them on the next week and realize they hurt like hell, to the point I can't even wear them outside. I have so many shoes that don't work that are brand new! I think a sale is in order! Anyone a size 8? They are all cute!

All of this is to say I am going shoe shopping today and am totally dreading it. I hate shoe shopping because I usually come up empty handed after a few hours wandering different stores. But hey, it has to be done, and I'm hoping to find a few pairs of comfy-s for Lisbon (June is not too far away!).

Also, if you didn't know this yet, you have to wear the right shoe shopping outfit. Basically nothing that makes your boobs fall out as you bend over to try things on, and something that will give you a good idea how the shoes will look with most of your outfits. So today is for a cute puffy dress and maybe a bow in my hair. Why the hell not?

Wish me luck today! I'll let you know what I find!

xo, C

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