Homework & Valentine cookie.

My new ridiculous looking bike helmet.

The calendar is finally up!


Garden planning.

Hi Dolls,

I've been a bit of a mess these days. Dealing with a lot of anger and loneliness. Trying to get to the bottom of my depression is hard as hell. I'm working on it though.

As you can see from the above photo I'm planning my Spring garden. I'm so looking forward to getting in the dirt and planting! My raised bed kits are arriving in the mail today and I can't wait! Going to get seeds this week even though it isn't time to plant yet because I am just so excited.

I'm also getting ready for my first adventure on Pip! I need a tire pump and it is currently storming to all hell out, but in the next few days I'm going on a bike ride!

What have you been up to, lovely?

xo, C

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