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Hi Loves!

I thought I would do a quick check in post. I'm hoping to blog more but the days seem to get away from me. I started a notebook for blog ideas and am looking forward to some new posts! 

Things have been crazy. Lots of change and I am a giant stress-ball. One thing that has helped so much is meditating. I've wanted to try it for years, and finally started. It's so hard but so worthwhile. Anyway, here are some happenings:

<> I've been a bit of a socializer. It's hard nerve wise but also really fun.

<> I am less hateful of my nose, just indifferent now.

<> I bought the pups new collars for Spring, all with flowers and fun patterns.

<> I've started seeing a personal trainer once a week. Yesterday was my first session and it kicked  
     my ass!

<> I'm behind on homework. Today is a catch up day and I'm so cranky about it. I hate online school.

<> I haven't done my nails in almost two weeks, chipped red polish for the win...

<> I am in love with macrame and just found an amazing macrame curtain for the kitchen window.

<> I have been wearing the same few dresses over and over, time to change it up.

<> Speaking of clothes, it's about time I go through my closet, it's stuffed!

<> I've been drinking quite a bit of whiskey. Which is the best.

What have you been up to, darling? More soon!

xo, C

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