Here's a little list of some of my good and bad habits. Enjoy.

Good Habits:

Meditate every morning (this app is amazing!).

Journal daily.

Condition my hair (this stuff is the best but it smells like quinoa).

Give monthly to our local animal shelter--save them animals!

Drink green smoothies (way better than imagined).

Hydrate...usually forget until the afternoon but catch up.

Take my vitamins.

Bad Habits:

Leave crumpled notes and tissue all over the house (even though the garbage can is close by).

Avoid eye contact when alone in public at all possible costs even if it means bumping into something.

Don't exercise or do yoga (this will change with bike riding next week!)

Wash my hands obsessively and use hand sanitizer, so scared of getting sick...

Suck at responding to emails in a timely manner.

Am the worst at doing laundry. It never gets put away...

Being social (trying to do better at this but so ANXIOUS).

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