more than we thought

Hi Loves!

We are back from Disneyland. It was an amazing trip! Ronald and I haven't had a proper vacation in almost a year so it was so nice to be on an adventure that was purely for fun! I will post pictures soon.

I had some moments of clarity while being away and I learned some things about myself. It was so refreshing to not only have fun but to also figure some deeper things out. One of the things I learned about myself was how physically strong I am.

We kept track of our steps on our iPhones and on our top day we walked over 7 miles! It was pretty amazing to go from a horrible fibro flare just a few days earlier, to walking such a distance! I still had pain, but I honestly thought my body couldn't handle walking that far.

In a bath later that night I decided rather than judging my appearance with that mean little inner voice that I keep just for me, that I would instead be proud of how strong my body is. It was hard to do, but it felt great.

Now that we are home all the usuals come back. The tendency towards stress, and getting bogged down in the day to day. But I'm trying to hold onto the knowledge that I'm not only internally strong, but also physically strong. I want to challenge myself to go for longer walks, and I am more excited than ever to get a bike!

I think we so often box ourselves up out of fear. We say we can't do something, but in reality we can if we just push a bit further. Whether its doing that extra workout, sharing your story, reaching out to someone, or starting a new venture in life, it's so important to remind ourselves that we can do more than we believe we can. So much more than we ever thought and there's comfort in that.

I will share more of our trip and my realizations soon. Glad to be back!

xo, C


  1. Have you ever read Life Less Bullshit? Your fear boxing comment reminded me of Nicole's latest post (if you don't mind my linking it to you): https://www.lifelessbullshit.com/escape-hatch/ I dug it pretty hard (as I usually do).

    I love how you are striving to look at yourself. I'm sorry you fall victim to that nasty Mean Girl voice in the back of your mind, but looking at how strong and capable you are is outstanding. And real. And so very important. You are a rockstar woman, never let anyone make you feel differently. :)

  2. I've never read it, but I'm going to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks for the sweet words darling!

    xo, C


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