our day

We had an awesome Christmas! Lots of time with the ones we love, laughs, good talks, and puppy cuddles. R and I had fun exchanging gifts in the morning and I snapped a few photos. I'm so in love with my plaid flannel pajama dress, it looks like something out of an eighties movie.

R has a few days off and this weekend we are going to Ikea, which is basically my favorite place other than the ocean and Disneyland. Oh, and we go to Disneyland next week!!!

So I'm happy and a mess as always, but hey, I take what I can get.

How was your holiday?

xo, C 


  1. Happy christmas Catherine. Have a great time at Ikea and Disneyland, I love both too!! xx

  2. You are wonderful. Both of you. You make me smile. I'm glad you had a great Christmas! That is wonderful.

    DISNEYLAND! I have massive envies.


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