And we're back!

We are back home and tired to all hell. Jet lag is a bitch, but being back in our tender little home feels great! Plus, we are back with the crazy pups, and it's wonderful.

I'm tired and am not sure if I have a cold coming on or if it is just jet lag. Last night we went to sleep around 6:30 pm. Crazy!

Now that we are home, I'm busy shopping for groceries, paying bills, cleaning, and setting up appointments. Not all fun, but all necessary for normal life. There is always more to do but I am happy to be in a routine.

I really want to add more creative time to my days. One thing that I have to quit is the naps. Meds, fibro, and mood swings make me constantly exhausted. But napping really isn't helping me in the long run, so it has to stop. I've planned on quitting cold turkey next week, since this week I'm a jet lag bot.

Once the naps stop, I'm going to have time every afternoon to make things, Christmas crafts and baking are high on the list. I can also read, write and work on home projects. I am also going to start walking in the mornings and I can't wait to enjoy the Autumn weather in a more intimate way.

I'm making some changes to the blog. I hope they will be positive and fun. Stay tuned for some new features, and a more regular posting routine.

xox, C


  1. I love the new changes! It's so cute :) Glad you made it back safely and hope that you had a BLAST! I've been AWOL on the blog scene for a bit, so I'll have to go back and see what posts you've done before this one.

    Good luck with the naps thing. I personally think cold turkey quitting is doomed to failure, but that's just me and my body. I know that I for one NEED my naps, but if you feel that they are not a good thing for you then it's great that you're taking steps to cut them out. That is progress! I'm happy for you :)

    Looking forward to hearing more from you soon. XO

  2. Welcome home. Hope you both had a great time and can't wait to read all about it. xx


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