Really random morning stuff

This week has been crazy. I'm so tired. And I can't sleep in because my brain is an asshole. Ronald has to work today which sucks. We have so much planned tomorrow that I have no idea how we can get it all done, but at least we are being creative.

Today I might go thrifting for a coffee table and if I'm feeling homemaker-ish make chocolate sugar cookie dough to roll out and bake tomorrow. 

Yesterday I found a leopard print stole that I can't wait to wear. Also some shoes that I'm thinking of returning in exchange for these which are maybe the most magical shoes on earth. It will be nice to be able to wear more than one at a time (damn boot...damn ankle).

When I woke up this morning I looked right at Ronald and said "nightmares!" because I just had a bad dream. Looking back now, it doesn't seem like the best first thing to say in a day.

It's been a really long time since I've had a candy bar. Months. This is good but a Kit Kat sounds amazing right now (and it's 7 a.m.).

My whole lose weight thing has kind of paused the last months. Mainly from the sprained ankle from hell, and the new anti-depressant. I can't wait to run around. I'm most excited to a.) dance around ridiculously, b.) jump up and down, c.) go for a nature walk, d.) clean the house (I know...weird), and e.) run for a minute or two and then faint.

The sun is finally coming up, so it's time to start the day rather than talking about random nonsense online. ;)

xox, C

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  1. Those shoes. OH my GOD those shoes!!!! I'm in love with them. And no, cleaning the house isn't weird, it's one of the things I really, really miss! Weight gain… I've doubled my weight this past year, and I can't seem to stop gaining even though I'm eating better and exercising more. I just don't get it. It's freaking me out and I feel gross and ugly a lot and I just want to cry because at least I looked GOOD in the past when I first started getting sick, right? Now I just look like a fat girl who can't walk, probably because she's fat. *tears*

    Sorry. The comment section of your blog is NOT the place to unload my feels! lol. Anyway, I give you a big fat YES on those shoes. They might actually be the most magical shoes on Earth, you're right. Either way, they're pretty freaking fantastic!


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