"all that I need to get me through this is a long vacation"


I'm tired. We have traveled a lot this year. All our trips but one have been for work. We road tripped today for an overnight, and then Sunday we leave for San Diego for three nights. It's fun to go places, don't get me wrong, but I also miss the classic vacation of having nothing to do, no place to be at such and such a time, and just real rest.

Australia is the same. I'm super excited about it, but most days I'm going to be alone as Ronald is in a brainstorming group with his P.hd faculty. It's an awesome opportunity and I am going to be a tourist for sure, but it would certainly be more fun with my fella. Luckily we have a few days to tour things together. I'm hoping we can pet a kangaroo!

So this is a bitchy-bitch-face post but hey, I'm feeling bitchy.

xox, C

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